Weirdos is a preset game mode in Custom Night in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. In this mode, you have to deal with Electrobab, Bonnet, the first variation of Minireena, Yenndo, and Funtime Lolbit.


  • When Yenndo appears, put your camera up immediately. If Bonnet is in the room as well, touch Bonnet's nose so that you can stop her.
  • On the lower difficulties, Electrobab alternates between both sides when draining your power, making it easy to predict which side he'll appear on. Make sure that it doesn't drain too much power or you'll lose.
  • When the Minireenas are trying to drain your oxygen, zap them immediately.
  • This scenario alternates between being on and off-camera. Similarly to Angry Ballet, you can avoid looking at the camera until the Minireenas and Electrobab appear or when Yenndo appears.
  • Just type "LOL" on your keyboard if Lolbit is showing up, it will try to distract you and disable the monitor.


  • This game mode does not require you to listen for audio cues, making it easier than the other modes.
  • Running out of power in this game mode results in Ballora killing you, despite her not being active on this night.
    • This behavior is similar to Freddy Fazbear from FNaF 1.
  • Most of the time, the Minireenas and the Electrobabs start to drain at the same time.
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