There is a space under the desk. Someone before you crafted it into a hiding place... and it worked for him. I recommend that you hurry though.
— Circus Baby, Night 2

Under The Desk, as it's name suggests, is a small space under the desk in the Circus Control. In Night 2, the player must hide under the desk, and fend the BidyBabs out by holding a sheet of metal horizontally in front of them. The BidyBabs will try to open it, and the player must hold it closed to keep and fend them off and keep them out. In Night 3, even though HandUnit instructs the player not to go to the Circus Control, the player may go to it, and will receive special dialogue from Circus Baby about the first (and only) time she was on-stage on Circus Baby's Pizza World.


There is no specific or likely appearance, as this is a space under the desk. The metal sheet, is a normal, thick sheet of metal, with little holes in it, most likely allowing you to breathe and not suffocate. The outside of it has a handle, which is probably how the player closes the sheet of metal and how the BidyBabs try to open it. In the mobile version, the appearance under the desk is not in 3 Dimensional form unlike in the PC version.


  • If the player goes under the desk on Night 3, Circus Baby will tell the story of the death of William's daughter in her perspective.
  • The Bidybabs aren't present on Night 3 when Baby tells you the story of what happened to Elizabeth.



  • Rarely, in Night 2, when the player is done fending off the BidyBabs, they will be stuck under the desk, and Circus Baby will never get to her dialogue.
  • And rarely in Night 2, when the player is done fending off the BidyBabs, their eyes are stuck, but Circus Baby will get to her dialogue.
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