Were you looking for the Scooping Room? Or possibly Ballora and the Minireenas? Or Night 4?

I kidnapped you.
— Circus Baby, Night 4

The Springlock Suit is a springlock suit, hence the name, that Circus Baby puts the player in on Night 4 (possibly to avoid being killed by Funtime Foxy after they jumpscare the player at the end of Night 3). After seeing Ballora get scooped, Circus Baby opens up the faceplates so the cameras can find and rescue the player. During this time, Minireenas will attempt to crawl up the suit and kill the player.


The player is in the inside of the suit, and can only see a strange smiling mask connected to the rest of the head with faceplates and springlocks scattered around the player.


  • It is unknown whose or what springlock suit it is.
    • The mouth of the mask is similar to Toy Chica's mouth without her beak, which may suggest that it is a Funtime Chica springlock suit, although there isn't any other evidence to back this up.
    • The mouth of the mask is also similar to a Minireena, but the reason the Minireena attack is unknown.


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