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Private Room
Private Room/Gallery
Were you looking for the Custom Night? or Night 5?
It seems that you have accidentally wandered into a restricted area.
— HandUnit, Night 5 (Fake Ending)

The Private Room is the secret room in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is accessed by disobeying Circus Baby and going to the room on the opposite side of the Scooping Room on night 5. The player must first fully complete the Circus Baby Death Minigame and obtain the real ending to gain access to the room.

The objective of the room is to survive until 6AM, when the cleaning crew arrives. After being rescued, the player is given a basket of Exotic Butters as a gift, which can be seen on top of the TV while watching the last episode of The Immortal and The Restless. Completing the Private Room unlocks the "Fake Ending".

All Custom Night modes take place in the Private Room.

How to Enter the Room

To get into the room, you have to first fully finish the Circus Baby death minigame to obtain the key-card required to unlock the room. Then, after sending Circus Baby to the Scooper, disobey her instructions on Night 5 by moving right and forward, instead of left and forward like she will tell you. If you do not have the keycard, you will hear "Access Denied", and will be jumpscared. If you have the keycard, however, you will hear "Access Granted", and the door to the Private Room will be opened, automatically moving the player inside.


The Private Room highly resembles the many versions of the Office from previous Five Nights at Freddy's games. Directly in front of the player, there is a desk with a fan, a Fredbear Plush toy, three animated static monitors, a soda cup, and multiple crumpled pieces of paper on it. On the wall, there is a poster of Circus Baby and a BidyBab with the word "Celebrate!", in the same manner as FNaF 1. On the player's sides, there are two doors, each with a red button to close the respective door. Above the desk is a vent with another red button to close it. The Private Room has seven cameras, including a vent camera, labeled CAM 01-07.


It seems that you have accidentally wandered into a restricted area. Due to the sensitive nature of the materials that you may be exposed to here, you will not be allowed to leave until the clean-up crew arrives at 6AM. So hang tight. Rest assured that you will be promptly rescued, fired, and sent home. Thank you for being an employee. We hope your experience has not been as regrettable as ours.
HandUnit, Night 5


  • The Private Room contains components from the four previous canon games.
    • It has two doors on either side of the player, and has limited power like the first game;
    • It includes a vent, as well as three different entry points to the office, like the second game;
    • It has only one animatronic active, like the third game, in which Springtrap is the only animatronic that can kill the player;
    • By typing the code 1-9-8-3 in the keypad during the night, all three screens change from static to angles of the Bedroom, the Bed and the Fun with Plushtrap Hallway from the fourth game;
      • However, the code (and thus the screens) are not available on the mobile version.
      • A Fredbear Plush can also be seen on the desk, holding a remote of some sort, commonly believed to be a walkie-talkie or remote control.
      • Some believe that the fredbear plush in fnaf 4 had a walkie talkie inside it so William Afton could talk to the crying child.
    • A fan similar to that of the other FNaF games is visible on the desk.
      • The sound for the fan is also used on the elevator.
  • During Night 5, the power in the Private Room drains faster than that of the FNaF 1 Office.
    • It is possible that the power drain is compensation for the fact that only one animatronic is active during Night 5.
  • This is the first office that is entirely animated, excluding the fan.
  • The Private Room resembles the Office from Five Nights at Candy's, a fan made game.
  • The ability to honk the Fredbear Plush's nose was added in Custom Night.
  • The 1983 easter egg is disabled in Custom Night due to Lolbit being present, even if Lolbit is not active on a certain setting.



Description Audio
The sound of the door being closed. This sound is an edited version of the FNaF 1 sound.
The sound of the monitor being pulled up. This is another edited FNaF 1 sound.
The sound of the monitor being put down. This is also an edited version of a FNaF 1 sound.
The sound of the fan in the Private Room, which is also used in the Elevator.
The sound of Ennard moving in the vent.
Metal crawling
The sound for when you reach 6am.
The firework pops for when you reach 6am.

Custom Night

Description Audio
The sound Lolbit's intermission makes when it appears on your screen.
The sound made when Funtime Foxy is successfully blocked.
The sound made when Bon-Bon is successfully stopped, as well as when Bidybab leaves the vent.
The sound made when you use the Controlled Shock button.
The sound BidyBab makes when moving in the vent.
Ventshort 3
The sound made when Funtime Freddy is moving from the left closet to the right closet.
The sound made when Funtime Freddy is moving from the right closet to the left closet.


Description Audio
The music that plays in the room during the normal part of the game.
Watch Your 6
Ballora's music that plays when she's active in Custom Night.
Ballerina 4
The music that plays in the room during the Custom Night on easy mode.
The music that plays in the room during the Custom Night on hard mode.
The music that plays in the room during the Custom Night on very hard mode.
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