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Were you looking for The Immortal and The Restless? The show that plays when you return home?
Enjoy some time at home!
— When player has completed a night shift (excluding Night 3)

Michael Afton's Home is a location in FNAF: SL. The player comes back to his home after every night (except for Night 3) to watch an episode of The Immortal and The Restless.


Michael Afton's home seems to be a normal old-fashioned house. It has brown and dark turquoise lined walls, six photographs, a sun-shaped clock, a lamp, and a TV. This is the only part of the house the player may see.


  • FNAF: SL is the only FNAF game in which the player can go to their home.
  • The player can eat popcorn while watching an episode of The Immortal and The Restless.
  • For some reason, the TV goes to static after an episode of The Immortal and The Restless ends.
  • The home shares a resemblance with the FNaF 4 home, having a similar lamp, clock, and pictures.
    • This may hint toward it being the same house.
    • Also, FNAF 4's crying child is presumaably Micheal Afton's little brother.
    • Plus, in the Fake/Non-Canon ending. Ennard presumably escapes the Private room through the hidden door, that leads to a tunnel thats connected to the FNAF 4 home.
  • In the fake ending, Ennard can be seen dragging itself into view from the right-hand side of the room.
  • Rarely a Minireena can show up bottom left of the house.
    • The same can also happen with BidyBab, but in the bottom right of the house.
      • BidyBab's "We'll see you again soon!" line from Night 2 may relate to this.
    • Minireena can also rarely appear coming out Popcorn bowl during the Fake Ending, as seen here, revealing that the at least one of the Minireenas weren't Scooped.


Description Audio
The sounds of the player eating popcorn.
The sound made when the Immortal and the Restless ends.
End programming
The ambiance that plays during the bathroom scene in the real ending.
Strange voice
The sounds made when Ennard is dragging itself onscreen in the Fake Ending.


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