John Matthew is a voice actor in Sister Location, he voice acted for the Board Member featured in the Opening Cutscene.

About John Matthew

Hi there. I'm John. I make my living as a voiceover talent, but that wasn't always the case. A rather long and crooked path led to my current station. So, who am I? Where am I from? How did I get here? We may never know, but clues from my murky past help paint the picture.

I'm from right here in Los Angeles. I was a big reader as a young kid, and connected early on with the fiction of Kurt Vonnegut, P.G. Wodehouse, and in particular Ray Bradbury. His fantastical evocations of mood and ambience struck a chord with me that still resonates. Throw in spooky and sci-fi story lines and I became a fan for life. Science and history are favorite subjects too.

Like a lot of voice actors, I was a natural mimic, always trying to imitate interesting and funny voices from TV and films. I saw Jaws and immediately began imitating Robert Shaw’s crusty sea captain Quint (I have not, however, gone back in the ocean). But the rhythm got me first (they were right), and after the usual early piano lessons, I started on the drums at age 14. The neighbors have suffered ever since.

I played in bands, played volleyball, climbed Southern California's mighty peaks and even got a degree in Geography from UCLA. But by then my voice and wisecracking ways had led me to voiceover classes (improv too), and I knew that my professional place was behind the mic. I started small, voicing ads for local cable and radio stations, and worked my way up from there.

Outside of work, I'm still playing the drums, hiking and reading up on science stuff. I'm a big fan of sci-fi, British comedy, the Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers, gasoline-free gardening, volcanology and Japanese monster movies. A self-proclaimed “fictionalist”, I enjoy amusing friends and family with made-up nonsense stories and the occasional silly rhyme.

And yes, I've climbed Mt. Whitney three times!


  • Before Scott decided on John Matthew as the Board member, Tim True was originally up for being it.

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