This page shows all of HandUnit's preferences, which the player may attempt to enter into HandUnit's glitchy keypad, with the exception of Night 4, as the player is stuck in a Springlock Suit that night.

Night 1- Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict text.

On the first night, the player must attempt to type in a name that they would like HandUnit to call them. Since HandUnit's keypad is always glitching, the player will type in a random series of letters, and HandUnit will auto-correct it to "Eggs Benedict". Although the player's name is set to Eggs Benedict, HandUnit never uses it in the game.

Night 2- Angsty Teen


Angsty Teen text.

On Night 2, the player must type in the kind of voice they would like to hear instead of HandUnit's default voice. Since the keypad is glitchy, the player will once again type in a random series of letters, and HandUnit will auto-correct it to Angsty Teen. The Angsty Teen voice will sound like a teenager, almost a young adult. He seems to enjoy (watching) pain, corpses, etc., even starting with him telling the player a "funny story" that a dead body was found in the Entryway Vent once. He makes the player shock Ballora, just because it's "fun", to him. After the player checks and shocks Ballora, there will be a strange garbling voice, which if sped up, says "Argumentative. Standards. Elevation. Passive. Heights.". After that, the player must check on Funtime Foxy, and after the light checking Funtime Auditorium turns off, the player will hear a voice saying "Great. Great. Great.", and then HandUnit will speak in his normal voice again, saying there's been a malfunction in the Voice Synthesizer. HandUnit will speak in his default voice for the rest of the game.

Night 3- Casual Bongos


Casual Bongos text.

On Night 3, the player must type in the preference of music they want to play during the Elevator ride, to have a "Soothing Experience" during the elevator ride. The player must attempt to type in the music preference they want, but, once again, since HandUnit's keypad is glitchy, it auto-corrects to Casual Bongos. A loop of bongos playing will play during the rest of the elevator ride. Strangely, it will not play on Night 5.

Night 5- Exotic Butters


Exotic Butters text.

On Night 5, HandUnit will list out names of gift baskets for the player, as they have finished their first week, with the cost of the basket and it's contents being deducted from the player's paycheck. Once again, HandUnit will bring up the keypad, and the player must type in it, with the pad still glitching. HandUnit will autocorrect it to exotic butters.

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