Steps to being promoted

  1. Fill in the Promotion Application Form and post it to the  Promotion Applications Board.
  2. Wait for an answer from each admin. If one admin isn't answering, link to your application on their message board.
  3. If you get promoted, congratulations! If not, keep trying!

Note: Higher roles will be more difficult to achieve.

Promotion Guidelines

  • Do not ask to be promoted until you have made at least 100 edits to the wiki, and have been contributing for at least one month (28 days). Minimum for admin is 3 months and 900 edits.
    • The edits must be legitimate and contribute something to the wiki page. Spam, vandalism or balderdash do not count.
  • To be promoted, every existing administrator must approve of it (minus The Founder and any inactive admins)
    • The administrators' decisions are final, do not protest if you promotion request was not successful.
    • All 3 bureaucrats must approve of it as well.
    • For a list of the users who need to approve of your application, go here.
  • If they all say yes, the bureaucrats will then discuss among themselves and it will take every yes, or every no to reach a verdict.
  • If promoted, do not abuse the power you have in your role.
    • If you break any rules, or you are not acting upon your role, higher ranked staff members have the right to demote you. 


  • Q: I was promoted, but I'm not an admin, do others have to ask for MY permission to be promoted?
  • A: No, your vote will NOT be required for others promotion. Only admins and bureaucrats have the power to sway someones promotion.

  • Q: What should I do if I get a no from one of the admins?
  • A: First, attempt to negotiate with them in a collected way. If they still deny your application, keep working harder and ask them again in a few weeks time.

  • Q: What happens if an admin is inactive or not replying to my request?
  • A: Let an admin/bureaucrat know of this issue. It will be up to them to decide whether they should promote you regardless.

  • Q: How will I know who the other staff members are? What are my abilities if I get promoted?
  • A: See Staff Members.
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