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Exotic Butters.

Thank you for selecting: Exotic Butters.
— HandUnit, Night 5

Exotic Butters is an item in FNAF Sister Location given as a 'gift' to The Player after completing the "Good/Fake Ending".


On Night 5 in the elevator, HandUnit will tell The Player that as a reward for doing exceptional work, they will receive a bonus and a gift basket of their choice. The Player is then instructed to type the first few letters of the type of gift basket they want on the keypad. No matter what the player tries to type, due to the glitchy keypad, it will always be auto-corrected to "Exotic Butters." After surviving Ennard in the "Good/Fake Ending" on Night Five, it will appear on top of the player's television set at home for the night's cutscene.

Exotic Butters preference.


The Exotic Butters as seen in your house in the Fake Ending.

Exotic Butter Plushes along with the other plushes minus Funtime Foxy.

  • On the "Extras" menu, an icon of Exotic butters will be near the bottom, clicking it will play the voice clip of HandUnit saying "Exotic butters" from earlier on.
  • Exotic Butters has become a popular meme in the community shortly after Markiplier, a YouTube personality, and the self-proclaimed "King Of Five Nights At Freddy's" clicked the Exotic Butters in the Extras menu, and asked how long he has to wait until someone makes a remix of Exotic Butters. This resulted in many remixes of the phrase on the internet.
  • Exotic Butters, along with Casual Bongos and Angsty Teen were not options HandUnit mentioned while the player began shifts on Night 2, Night 3, and Night 5.
  • The bow on the Exotic Butters resembles Mangle's bow in FNAF 2.
  • In the Five Nights at Freddy's: Survival Logbook, it is shown that Michael wanted a basket of money instead, and even specifically drew exotic butters with an arrow pointing towards the basket with the text "not this".
  • Ennard's favorite food is most likely the exotic butter, due to him sliding towards them in the fake ending.


 HandUnit's voice for "Exotic Butters."