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This is a list of all the cutscenes that can be accessed in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and Custom Night.

Opening Cutscene

The Opening Cutscene is an opening cutscene in FNaF: Sister Location. This plays every time the player starts the game for the first time. This could also be replayed by editing the save files. There is a voice that speaks in the opening cutscene. It is believed to be a band member speaking to William Afton about certain features of the animatronics, though Afton doesn't properly answer the band member's queries.



Mystery Board Member - There’s no doubting what you’ve achieved on a technical level. These are clearly state-of-the-art. There are just certain design choices that were made for these robots that we don’t fully understand. We were hoping that you could shed some light on those

William Afton – She can dance, she can sing! She’s equipped with a built-in helium tank for inflating balloons right at her fingertips. She can take song requests. She can even dispense ice-cream.

Mystery Board Member – With all due respect, those aren’t the design choices we were curious about, Mr Afton.

The Immortal and The Restless

The Immortal and The Restless is a mini soap-opera TV series found in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. An episode of this series appears after each shift is complete (Except for Night 3). Each episode is typically about the troubles of a vampire and his spouse, in a struggle with their love relationship. This is not seen in the mobile version.

Night 1


The Immortal and the Restless 1 (Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location)

The Immortal and the Restless, Night 1

Narrator: Another day, another dramatic entry in the lives of Vlad and his distressed mistress! Where will they go? What will they do? All of that and more happening now!

Vlad: Clara, I tell you, the baby isn't mine!

Clara: Count, I tell you that it is! You're the only vampire I've ever loved! And the baby turns his bottles into powdered milk.

Vlad: That doesn't mean anything.

Clara: He sleeps on the ceiling fan!

Vlad: Upright, or upside down?

Clara: What does it matter? You NEED to be part of your son's life!

Vlad: I'm an old man, Clara! I can't be a father!

Clara: Well, then, at least pay your child support, you deadbeat!

Narrator: Will Vlad and his distressed mistress find common ground? Tune in next time!

Night 2


The Immortal and the Restless 2 (Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location)

The Immortal and the Restless, Night 2

Narrator: As the sun sets, so also does another chapter in the saga of love lost, between Vlad and his distressed mistress. Can they be reconciled? Can their love rise again? That and more! Happening now.

Vlad: Clara, the baby isn't mine!

Clara: It is, Vlad! They had trouble catching him in the nursery today.

Vlad: So what? Lots of kids get hyper and run around and stuff.

Clara: They had to knock him out of the air with a broom!

Vlad: I have to go.

Clara: They're going to dock your paychecks.

Vlad: They can't do that, I'm a vampire. I don't get paychecks!

Clara: You work the graveyard shift at the Fry Me Taco. Don't lie to me!

Narrator: Oh the humanity! When will the heartbreak end? When will these two ships passing in the night rekindle their long lost love? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Night 4


The Immortal and the Restless 3 (Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location)

The Immortal and the Restless, Night 4

Narrator: As the moon rises, so also rises the tension between sworn lovers.

Vlad: Clara, it's not my baby.

Clara: Vlad, you suck.

Vlad: Wait, was that a vampire joke? That was sooo lame, Clara, like I've never heard that a million times.

Clara: Okay, well how's this, I'm taking the car!

Vlad: The joke's on you! It's a rental.

Clara: Well the joke's on you. I set the thermostat to 90 before I left.

Vlad: Good, I like it warm.

Clara: Good! Because I also set the house on fire!

Narrator: How will it all end? The passion! The tension! The intrigue! Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.

Night 5


The Immortal and the Restless 4 FINALE (Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location)

The Immortal and the Restless, Night 5

Note: This episode only happens during the Fake Ending.

Announcer: As the trees sway in the wind, so also do emotions sway between star-crossed lovers!

Vlad: You burned down my house?!

Clara: You call that a house? It was like a morgue in there.

Vlad: I may be undead, but you're heartless.

Clara: You need to see your son!

Vlad: The baby isn't mine!

Clara: He ate the cat!

Vlad: Sounds like something he got from your side of the family!

Clara: Well, then, I'm keeping the diamond ring.

Vlad: The joke's on you! I found it in a kids meal!

Clara: You bought a kids meal? Oh, Vlad!

Vlad: Clara!

Narrator: As the hair on the back of a cat stands up straight, so also does the love between Vlad and Clara stand up against all obstacles, but what about the baby? What about the bad child support? Stay tuned next season for all those answers and more.

Purple Guy Cutscenes

You'll access a cutscene every time you finish a very hard preset on Custom Night.

  1. In the first cutscene, Eggs Benedict looks like a normal man, wearing a purple shirt and blue pants. The people around him wave cheerfully.
  2. In the second cutscene, Everything is the same just with him having a minor skin color change from tan-pink to tan. The people around him continue to wave cheerfully.
  3. In the third cutscene, Eggs' skin seems to be more of a green color. The first person he walks past has a bewildered expression on his face. The rest are normal, just waving cheerfully.
  4. In the fourth cutscene, Eggs' skin becomes a darker greenish-brown. His eyes are also now completely black. The last three people he walks by look in confusion.
  5. In the fifth cutscene, he looks much more decrepit than he did in the past cutscenes, with a strange glowing in one eye. Everyone around him now looks very concerned.
  6. In the sixth cutscene, his skin has turned a dull purple, now having a glow in both of his eyes. He also acts to be more senile, and less cheerful than he was before. There are much less people around him, and one of them is hiding behind their house in fear.
  7. In the last cutscene, he is hunched over and his skin is a dark purple colour. His appearance is now very reminiscent of purple guy. Every one around him have hid behind their houses in dread. Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. He lies on the ground, presumably dead. The player then hears Circus Baby's voice repeating "you won't die", and Eggs gets revived while all of the animatronics' eyes show up in the sewer.

Ennard saying "You won't die."

Michael regurgiating(puking out)' Ennard.

The music that plays in the Michael Afton cutscene.

Michael's Cutscene

In this cutscene, a character named "Michael" is speaking to his father. It appears to be set in the burnt down "Fazbear's Fright" location from FNaF 3.


Father. It's me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn't recognize at first but then they thought I was you. And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She's free now. But something is wrong with me. I should be dead. But I'm not. I've been living in shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I'm going to come find you. I'm going to come find you.