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The contents of this page are from a non-canon source, and thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the series. However, the cutscenes that play after you beat each of the challenges on V. Hard are canon.

The Custom Night is an extra night in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It was released on December 1st, 2016. It can be unlocked only after finishing the game and unlocking all three stars in the menu. It can be reached in the mobile portion by beating the minigame secret ending.


Custom Night takes place in the Private Room, where you face off with Ennard in the Fake Ending, where you must defend yourself from the the original Circus Baby's gang, excluding Circus Baby and Ennard, with some exclusive characters too.

Like the first game, the player must manage their resources, in this case the power and the oxygen. Closing the doors will drain power, as well as Electrobab, while the first variation of Minireena and Yenndo will drain your oxygen, if they are present. There are many different challenges you can complete, similar to Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Custom Night.

Beating each preset game mode on the Very Hard difficulty (except Golden Freddy mode) unlocks a cutscene of Michael Afton walking along a street, with each cutscene showing him slowly decaying and becoming purple. At the end Ennard leaves the decaying body and enters the sewers, while Michael falls down. Moments later, Baby is heard repeating "You won't die," until Michael gets up and Ennard's eyes light up in the sewers.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

W - Close/Open Vent Door

A - Close/Open Left Door

S - Close/Open Monitor

D - Close/Open Right Door

E - Use Controlled Shock

The jumpscare sound the animatronics make in Custom night (except Bidybab)

Animatronic Descriptions

  • BidyBab: BidyBab will always be in the vent ahead of you. When she gets too close, close the vent door until she retreats.
  • Funtime Freddy/Bon-Bon: Funtime Freddy will hide in either the West or East closet, then send Bon-Bon to attack from the same side. When he commands Bon-Bon to attack, shut the door. If he announces a surprise, shut the opposite door.
  • Funtime Foxy: Funtime Foxy will emerge from his curtain, then charge to your room. Check on him frequently to slow his progress.
  • Ballora: Ballora will approach from either the West or East hall. Listen for her music to become louder, then shut the appropriate door.
  • Electrobab: Electrobab drains your power if there is a danger sign next to the power. The player must administer a controlled shock to deactivate Electrobab.
  • Funtime Lolbit: Lolbit will appear on the three monitors in the office, followed by visual and audio distractions. Type L-O-L on the keypad in the office, or type LOL on your keyboard to deactivate Lolbit.
  • Bonnet: Bonnet will streak through your room at random after you close your monitor. Click on her nose to deactivate her before she leaves the screen.
  • Yenndo: This mysterious endoskeleton will appear at random when closing your monitor. If he is in your office, quickly open your monitor again to make him disappear.
  • Minireena: Minireenas will appear at random and begin draining your oxygen supply, eventually causing a blackout. Administer a controlled shock to deactivate them.
  • Minireena 2: These Minireenas will appear at random and block your view in the office. They can't be prevented or deactivated.

Presets List

Level Name Balloraimage.png Funtimefreddyimage.png Yenndoimage.png Funtimefoxyimage.png BonnetImage.png Bidybabimage.png Electrobab.png LolbitLook!.png MinireenaCN.png Minireena2Image.png
Angry Ballet Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Freddy & Co. N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Funtime Frenzy N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A
Dolls, Attack! N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Girls' Night Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes
Weirdos N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A
Top Shelf Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bottom Shelf N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cupcake Challenge Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A
Golden Freddy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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  • MVP

  • The Forbidden Nocturne

  • Drag Me To The Crusher

  • Venta Black

  • Custom Menu

  • Demolition Inevitable


The sound produce with clicking an arrow.


  • On October 17, 2016 time Bon-Bon and BidyBab have been seen in a vent.
    • However, in the release of Custom Nights, Bon-Bon doesn't crawl through the vent, but makes way in the hall sent by Funtime Freddy in one of the closets.
  • The first teaser seems to show the vent on CAM5 in the Private Room on Night 5.
  • The 2nd Teaser shows that it was released on December 1st.
  • The 2nd Teaser also shows Funtime Freddy in one of the CAMs from the Private Room.
  • In both teasers, the animatronic's surroundings are all colored a light grey.
  • In the 2nd Teaser, Bon-Bon is not shown on Funtime Freddy's hand.
    • Bon-Bon also appears to be detached from Funtime Freddy in the 1st teaser.
  • Oddly, in the custom night gameplay, Bon-Bon doesn't appear or go in the vents. This was most likely a test or a scrapped idea.
  • Funtime Foxy is active in the "Girls' Night" preset, identical to how Mangle is active on the "Ladies Night" preset in Five Night's at Freddy's 2.
  • Golden Freddy preset was unlocked after the initial release of the Custom Night.
  • Golden Freddy preset was locked because Scott wanted to see if there was any bugs he needed to fix before he updated the game.
  • When Custom Night was released it added the ability to honk the Fredbear Plushie's Nose.
  • On December 3rd, Scott talked about Golden Freddy Mode being almost impossible because he wasn't ready to release the final cutscene, On December 4th Scott released the new update with additional power and the final cutscene.
  • The quality of the graphics for the Custom Night was greatly improved in the update.
  • Custom Night revealed the real name of Eggs Benedict, Michael Afton.
  • Strangely, none of the new jumpscares have the animatronics open their faceplates. Excluding BidyBab, its jumpscare is the same from Under The Desk, but with different lighting.
  • There is no need to check on the west and east hallways, as no animatronics can be seen in them.
  • Circus Baby and Ennard are not in Custom Night.
  • Any mode Ballora is in, Cam 01 and Cam 02 will turn to static.
  • Only a few people have beaten Golden Freddy Mode on Very Hard on Youtube.
  • One night lasts 6 minutes.


The jumpscare sound, every animatronic in the custom night shares this.



Custom Night Presets
Cupcake ChallengeGolden FreddyTop ShelfBottom ShelfDolls, Attack!Funtime FrenzyFreddy & Co.Girls' NightWeirdosAngry Ballet


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