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Were you looking for HandUnit's Keypad?

Let’s motivate Funtime Foxy with a controlled shock.
— HandUnit, Night 1

The Controlled Shock Keypad, referred to by HandUnit as the "elevated keypad", is a mechanic in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It appears in the Primary Control Module and Circus Control.


The Controlled Shock keypad is device standing on two poles. When turned on, the keypad displays a blue button with a Mac Brightness symbol (Circle with lines coming off at all sides) and orange button with a lightning bolt symbol. It has wires present along the sides, and two antennas on the top.

Role in Sister Location

The controlled shock keypad is introduced to the player by HandUnit on Night 1, used to "motivate" the animatronics to get them back to their stage if they are not present. The blue button is used to illuminate whatever room is being checked, which can be the Ballora Gallery, Funtime Auditorium or Circus Gallery. If the respective animatronic is not on their stage, the orange button is used to give the animatronics a "controlled shock", an electric shock which is apparently supposed to get the animatronic back on their stage. There are several instances throughout the game however, where the controlled shock does not work.


  • The keypad never seems to be functioning properly in the Circus Control. It is unknown why this is.
  • In some instances, it may take several controlled shocks to get the animatronic back in place.


Description Audio
The sound that is made when you make a control shock.WARNING! MILDLY LOUD!
The sound that is made when you use the light.
The sound that is made when you press a button.
The sound of using the Controlled shock button in Custom Night.
The sounds of a failed shock.