Were you looking for Funtime Auditorium or Ballora Gallery from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location? Or perhaps you confused it with Circus Control?
Motion trigger- Circus Gallery vent.

Circus Gallery (referred to HandUnit as "Circus Baby's Auditorium") is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location within Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. It is where Circus Baby and the BidyBabs are located. It is also one of the 3 places seen in the teaser trailer.


Circus Gallery has a desk, 3 large windows, and can be entered through the vent. It has 4 lights, in the order from left to right: blue, green, red, then orange. There are two dolls, one hanging (Little Joe), and the other standing (Magician). There is a poster of Circus Baby in it a well.


  • Circus Gallery is the only room in the game that cannot be seen or entered into besides the control room for the scooper.
  • Circus Baby and the Bidybabs are never seen in the Circus Gallery even if HandUnit says so.
  • There seems to be no vents leading to the Circus Gallery, so it is unknown how the BidyBabs get into the Circus Control to try to jumpscare the player.
  • Whenever the player checks on the Circus Gallery, the lights on the left and right of the windows do not turn on. HandUnit mentions that this will be fixed, but they never seem to get fixed in the game.


Motion trigger- Circus Gallery vent.
— Female Computer Voice
Circus gallery


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