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Were you looking for the Circus Gallery or the Space under the desk?
Crawl through it to reach the Circus Gallery Control Module.
— HandUnit, Night 1

Circus Control (referred to by HandUnit as Circus Gallery Control Module) is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location within Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental.


Circus Control is a small compact room. Against the wall in front of the player stands a large glass window with a toy called "Magician Toy" resembling a monkey and a toy called "Little Joe" resembling BB in front. In the right window, there is Circus Baby and BidyBab's Poster, on top of which reads "CELEBRATE" in large letters. In front of the player is a control panel with four different colored lights buttons mounted on them. Each light seems to be the color of each animatronic's eyes. The purpose for these are unknown. One of the dolls appears to be getting hung.


  • A BidyBab can rarely appear behind the glass similar to how a BidyBab can appear behind the glass in the Elevator.
  • On the Night 1, when the player leaves the Circus Control they heard what sounded like to be bang on the vent.


Description Audio
The sounds that play when you interact with the control pad.
SFXBible 11581
SFXBible 11582
The vent trigger.
Circus gallery
The sound of the room going out of power.
The ambiance produced when the room is powered down.
Control room power down vrs3
Control room power down vrs 4
The sound of Baby saying "1578" in a slowed down voice, these numbers most noticeably play here, though they can play anywhere in the game.
The sound of Bidybab Moving into and out of Circus Control. (?)
The sound of Bidybab trying to open the desk door.
Metal sliding
The metal tapping produced by Bidybab.
Metal Tapping
The sounds of the failed Control Shocks.
The sounds produced when the Bidybabs are leaving the room and the player heads home.
Distant metal
The normal ambiance for this area.
Control module - normal


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