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The Circus Baby Minigame is a minigame accessible in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is accessed after dying roughly 5 times or by pressing the Circus Baby minigame character sprite in the bottom left corner of the Extras menu. Or by pressing the right side of the Back button if using Mobile.


The style and gameplay is similar to the Death Minigames in FNAF 2. It appears as a platformer where Circus Baby must feed the kids in the minigame cupcakes in under a minute (in the mobile version, you get 80 seconds). The 3 cupcake types are:

  • Pink: The player has 10 pink cupcakes to start with, which are used up when they hit a child.
  • Blue: The player next gets 4 blue cupcakes which fires 3 cupcakes at once, similar to a shotgun.
  • Green: The player finally gets 3 green cupcakes which go right through the child after they have been fed.
  • Ice Cream: Is obtained when all of the kids are fed, can be used at the beginning; spam to activate.

Success can only be achieved by using specific cupcakes at specific areas at the minigame.

To feed a child, you must shoot them twice with a pink or blue cupcake, or once with a green cupcake. It is necessary to give each child two cupcakes in order to give them full satisfaction.

HOW TO- FNAF Sister Location CIRCUS BABY's Minigame

HOW TO- FNAF Sister Location CIRCUS BABY's Minigame.

Here's a tutorial to complete the FNAF Sister Location Secret minigame. If you want to get the 2 stars in the game you need to complete this Minigame.


The Controls for the Minigame.


There are 4 ways to end the minigame:

  • If you fall from one of the platforms, the minigame will end.
  • If the time runs out, the minigame will end.
  • If you reach the blue goal sign at the end, regardless of how many children are fed, the minigame will end.
  • If you instead feed every child and take the ice cream back to the start, there will be a cutscene where a little girl will walk up to Baby to take the ice cream. However, when she is close enough, Baby's body will open up, revealing a metal arm that grabs the girl and kills her with a loud shriek; The minigame will then end. This gives the player the second star and the keycard for the Good/Fake Ending on Night 5.


  • The girl killed in the fourth ending is William Afton's daughter.
    Sister Location OST- Turtle Crusher C

    Sister Location OST- Turtle Crusher C

    The Music That plays when you have the Ice Cream.

    Sister Location OST- Turtle Crusher

    Sister Location OST- Turtle Crusher

    The song that plays regularly when you don't have the ice scream.

    • This is proven to be true by the inter-night dialogue and Baby's story during Night 3.
  • Circus Baby appears to have blue eyes in the minigame, instead of green. this may be the first baby from Circus Baby's Pizza World, or possibly Ennard's Endoskeleton.
  • The soundtrack playing in the minigame is called "Turtle Crusher".
    • This is a reference to the Super Mario Bros series, where the characters can crush turtles.
  • In the mobile version, Circus Baby's sound when she kills The Daughter is different than PC version.
  • In the mobile version, there are actually 20 extra seconds on the timer, therefore making the total 80 seconds.



The scream made when baby kills the girl.




The song that plays regularly when you don't have the ice cream.

Turtle Crusher

The Music That plays when you have the Ice Cream.

Turtle CrusherC

Goal Sound

Goal sound

Circus Baby




Feeding a child a cupcake:



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