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Chica's Party World in the source code of a teaser

Chica's Party World is a location that was mentioned in the source code of many teasers for Sister Location. It has no presence in the game and hasn't been confirmed to mean anything


  • Chica's Party World has a very similar name to the Chica's Party Minigame in the third game.
  • Ironically, Chica is the only original animatronic not to make some sort of appearance in Sister Location.
  • Some people have theorized that Circus Baby's Old Pizzeria is Chica's Party World, even though there's no evidence to back this up.
  • Its been theorized that the possible characters that would have been in CPW would be JJ, Funtime Chica, Lolbit, and Yenndo.
  • The springlock suit used on Night 4 has been theorized to be from Chica's Party World, maybe belonging to Funtime Chica. There is no evidence to support this however, other than the mask of the suit being similar to Toy Chica's from FNaF 2.
    • Also to note that Toy Chica's bib says "Let's Party!".
  • There is another theory going around that the reason why Chica is not in Sister Location. This theory states that it is because Chica's Party World is actually not a Fazbear Entertainment location or part of the franchise, and only when it was bought out after the events of Sister Location is when Chica became part of the Fazbear & Friends lineup in 1983.
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