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Motion Trigger- Breaker Room

The Breaker Room is a room in in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is located on the other side of Ballora Gallery in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental.

From here, the player is assigned to power up the location while fending off Funtime Freddy. This room is only accessable on Night 2.


The Breaker Room is noticeably smaller than the rest of the rooms. It contains several wires and pipes, nearly covering the entire point of view. To the right, contains a poster of Funtime Foxy with the words, "Party Time!". The right corner of the room contains Funtime Freddy upon a stage.

Role in Sister Location

After failing to shock Circus Baby and warding off the BidyBabs, HandUnit will direct the player to the Breaker Room to attend to the task of manually restarting the system. To reach it, the player must return to the Primary Control Module and crawl through Ballora Gallery and sucessfully not get caught by Ballora. The player must then interact with a control panel inside the Breaker Room to restart the systems.

However, doing so will agitate Funtime Freddy, who is lurking nearby. The player is equipped with voice clips called "Mascot Response Audio" to be used to soothe him and stave off attack. Once the task is complete, the player will never have to come back to the Breaker Room again.


Tape Player




The sounds of Funtime Freddy moving.


  • The use of voice clips to distract an animatronic is very similar to the mechanic in Five Nights at Freddy's 3 used to distract Springtrap, as well as the audio feature in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Simulator.
  • In the Breaker Panel's version of the map, there seem to be three locations from Five Nights at Freddy's 4:
    • The Minigames (FNaF4) that appears at the end of each night - both the house and the diner.
    • The Bedroom.
    • The Hallway, where Plushtrap and Nightmare Balloon Boy are located.
      • Interestingly, the minigame area and the Bedroom are labeled as "Obsv. 1" and "Obsv. 2", respectively. On Night 5, entering the code "1-9-8-3" in the keypad found in the Private Room will cause the monitors to show different views of the Bedroom, Bed, and the Plushtrap Hallway. This may suggest that after the animatronics of Circus Baby's Entertainment & Rentals/Pizza World may abduct and bring targeted children to these locations, while William Afton observes their actions from the footage. This could mean that the events that took place in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 were never part of a dream at all and that the nightmare animatronics turns out real and were designed to test their skills.
        • The "Thank You" image featuring all animatronics from FNaF1-4 could explain why the nightmares are included in the image as they're not from the dream nor appearing as hallucinations (unlike phantoms and two shadows who appear as hallucinations since they did not appear in the said image).
  • The grey square-shaped dots from the Breaker Panel's monitor are where the animatronics are located.
    • Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental: 4 dots -
      • Ballora appearing in her Gallery from the left.
      • Funtime Freddy appearing in the Breaker Room from the far left. Though the Breaker Room is likely where Funtime Freddy appears during Night 2 rather than in the Funtime Auditorium or Parts/Service.
      • Funtime Foxy appearing in the Funtime Auditorium from the right.
      • Circus Baby appearing in the Circus Gallery from the top.
    • Fredbear & Friends from the fourth game's end-of-night minigames: 2 dots -
      • Fredbear & Spring Bonnie appearing on their stage.
    • The House from the fourth game: 5 dots -
      • Nightmare Bonnie appearing at the left side from the Left Hall.
      • Nightmare Chica appearing at the right side from the Right Hall.
      • Nightmare Foxy appearing in the Closet.
      • Nightmare Freddy appearing in the square from the bottom of the layout. The grey dot where Nightmare Freddy & The Freddles appear could be covered by a large white square.
      • Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare appear at the small room from top right.
    • Hallway from the fourth game: 5 dots -
      • Plushtrap appearing at the top of the straight hall.
      • About the four dots, it is unknown why they exist in the map-layout for the Hallway, although these could possibly be other animatronics that never appear physically in the fourth game (but with one of them is possibly be Nightmare Balloon Boy).
  • Strangely Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon disappear when you fully restart the systems.
    • This is most likely something Scott overlooked.
  • The poster on the front of the door with Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon on it captioned "Get Ready" may foreshadow the events the player must go through after entering the door through Ballora Gallery.
    • It could also be referencing the "Get Ready for Freddy" phrase.
  • In the mobile version, you can't look left or right because you can fully see the entire room.


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