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Were you looking for the puppeteer of Bon-Bon, Funtime Freddy? Or Bon-Bon's Custom Night variant, Bonnet?

Calm down, and go back to sleep. No one is here.
— Bon-Bon, Night 2

Bon-Bon, also called the Bonnie Hand Puppet (by HandUnit) is a minor character in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He is Funtime Freddy's hand puppet. He is also an antagonist in the Sister Location Custom Night, as well as a miniature hand puppet version of Bonnie.


Bon Bon’s physical design is similar to Withered Bonnie and his color scheme is similar to Toy Bonnie from the second game, sporting red, rosy cheeks. He has colored a brilliant blue with turquoise on his stomach, paws, muzzle, and the insides of his ears. Like his original counterpart, he also wears a red bow-tie. His eyes are purple in color. Some say he has a strong resemblance with Adventure Bonnie from FNAF World.

Bon-Bon stands at about 1.7 ft tall or 51 cm tall. This makes Bon-Bon tied with Bonnet for the smallest animatronic in Sister Location.

Role In Sister Location

In Night 2 in the Breaker Room, the player uses the space button to activate mascot response audio. This is Bon-Bon's voice talking to Funtime Freddy, telling him to "calm down", and assuring him that he is worrying about nothing. This causes Funtime Freddy to be less aggressive towards the player, and move back towards his stage.

In Night 3 there is a point in which the player will need to press a button under Bon-Bon's bowtie. However, the puppet will detach himself and sneak around Funtime Freddy's body. If they do not press his button in time, Bon-Bon will jumpscare them.

Bon-Bon is last seen on Night 5 in the Scooping Room. However, his endoskeleton has been removed, leaving only his inanimate shell.

Bon-Bon also appears in Custom Night, attacking the player according to Funtime Freddy's audio cues in any mode Funtime Freddy is included in.


Bon-Bon's demeanor appears as the definite foil to his hand-puppeteer. Unlike Freddy, Bon-Bon is rather calm and often speaks in a feminine, high-pitched voice—which can only be heard on Night 2—which he uses to calm Funtime Freddy down.


"Bon-Bon, say hi to our friends!" -Funtime Freddy (Night 2)

"Hey, Bon-Bon, I think that's the birthday boy over there!" -Funtime Freddy (Night 2)

"B-Bon-Bon, go get him!" -Funtime Freddy (Custom Night)

"Now, press the large black button beneath Bonnie's bow tie to release the power module." -HandUnit (Night 3)


  • Bon-Bon is voiced by Becky Shrimpton.
  • Bon-Bon's name may be a reference to the fanbase, back when the fans referred to Toy Bonnie as "Bon-Bon".
    • His name could also be based on the term "Bonbon", which refers to any kind of sweets, especially chocolates.
  • Becky Shrimpton, when asked about how big Bon-Bon is, she answered that he is roughly a "1/2 lbs. of shrimp."
  • Due to his quotes during Night 2, Bon-Bon is like "a mother to Funtime Freddy," according to Becky Shrimpton when asked about what Bon-Bon thinks about Funtime Freddy.
  • Interestingly, Bon-Bon has a female voice actor. It is unlikely that this implies a gender one way or the other, as female voice actors sometimes voice young/small male characters. This is likely due to fact that he is small.
    • This may be referring to Bonnie and Toy Bonnie often being confused as female characters.
  • Becky said that she wanted to voice a 'little bunny'.
  • Bon-Bon is one of the only animatronics in the game not to expose their endoskeleton face during his jumpscare, as his face doesn't equip any faceplates at all. The other being Minireena (whose face is just a mask placed over a sphere) and the masked Ennard.
  • Bon-Bon, Bonnet, and the Minireenas are the only animatronics from FNaF:SL to not have 5 fingers.
  • Bon-Bon's face is not fully seen in the trailer, only a portion is seen.
  • Bon-Bon, Bonnet, and the Minireenas are the only animatronics not to have moving, split faceplates.
  • Bon-Bon, Minireena, and BidyBab are the only animatronics that is paired with the other main animatronics.
  • Bon-Bon is voiced by Becky Shrimpton.
  • Bon-Bon is one of the smallest animatronics in the game, alongside Minireena, Bonnet, BidyBab, and Electrobab.
  • Bon-Bon and Bonnet are the only animatronics not to have legs.
  • Bon-Bon, along with Bonnet, Minireena, and BidyBab have no eyebrows.
  • If you look closely when Bon-Bon jumpscares you, can see Bon-Bon's eyes shrink.
  • Bon-Bon's torso appears to be nearly completely hollow, as Bon-Bon and Bonnet have the same design.
  • Bon-Bon's forehead appears to be popping out.
  • Bon-Bon appears exactly like Bonnet, aside from its colors.
  • Becky Shrimpton has often referred to Bon-Bon as female. However, she has stated on Reddit that Bon-Bon is "Whatever they want to be." Meaning that this does not confirm Bon-Bon's gender in any way.
    • Although The Freddy Files confirmed Bon-Bon's gender to be male.
  • Rarely, a withered Bon Bon is seen in FNAF VR: Help Wanted during Ennard's Vent Repair Level.
  • Bon-Bon, alongside Bonnet, is the smallest Bonnie version, standing at 1.7 ft tall or 51 cm tall.
  • It is unknown how Bon-Bon can actually move out of his hiding spot behind Funtime Freddy or even jumpscaring the player without legs. However, it is possible that Bon-Bon can crawl without legs at all.
    • Though it is clear that he uses his arms to sneak around while he's not in the player's view.
  • Bon-Bon's eye sockets, along with magenta eyes, and the lack of eyebrows and eyelids, make his facial expression look very similar to Chica's from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
    • This is particularly noticeable during the very last frame of his jumpscare.
    • His arms also have broken joints, yet a few of them are still working.
  • Bon-Bon's position almost never changes throughout the entire game.
    • The only time he does change is during his hiding, jumpscare, and in the trailer.
  • Bon-Bon is rather similar to a real-life bunny; he is small, fast, and unlike other animatronics, he has paws instead of hands.
    • He is also hard to catch, because he is afraid of being deactivated.
  • Bon-Bon is the one of the two canonical animatronics from the Custom Night with his jumpscare animation reused, the other being Bidybab.
    • However, Bidybab's jumpscare is the same as her original but with more lighting.
  • Strangely, Bon-Bon appeared in the vent in his teaser, but not in the game.
    • This is strikingly similar to some other teasers that didn't show the truth.
  • Bon-Bon attacking the player for Funtime Freddy in Custom Night is similar to Nightmare Chica's cupcake attacking in her place.
  • Bon-Bon is one of the animatronics from the Custom Night to appear only in the office and never appear on any cameras, the others being Yenndo, Lolbit, Bonnet, Ballora, and Minireena 2.
    • Bon-Bon is also one of the canonical animatronics in the Custom Night to never appear on any cameras but inside the office, the others being Yenndo and Ballora.
      • However, Bon-Bon and Ballora technically start outside the office. In Bon-Bon's case, he starts with Funtime Freddy, who is seen on CAM 03 and CAM 04, where Bon-Bon isn't seen due to the angle that shows Funtime Freddy, who then sends Bon-Bon to the office to jumpscare the player.


Bon-Bon's jumpscare from Custom Night and Parts/Service (As seen on Night 3).

Bon-Bon's jumpscare sound: WARNING! EXTREMELY LOUD!

Bon-Bon's jumpscare sound from Custom Night: WARNING! EXTREMELY LOUD!

(This is shared with the other animatronics who jumpscare you in Custom Night)


Night 2

"Calm down, and go back to sleep. No one is here."

"Shhh, go back to your stage. Everything is okay."

"Everything is okay, let's go back to sleep."

"Oh calm down, I think it was just a mouse."

"Uhhh ... Nope! No one is here."

"Shhh, it's bedtime. Let's go back to our stage."

"You must be hearing things, silly. giggle"


These are the giggle produced by Bon-Bon used in the Breaker Room, these are shared with Bonnet.


The Scurries Bon-Bon makes in Parts/Service, they resemble real-life animal scratches.


The sound made when you successfully defended one of the attacks done by Bon-Bon in Custom Night.



  • When Bon-Bon is on the floor in the Scooping Room his ears are sunken into the floor a little.
    • This also happens in his idle animations but his arm is sunken into his body.
  • When Funtime Freddy is in the Left Closet Bon-Bon's shadow is present, even though Bon-Bon is not shown.

Bon-Bon Idle Right.gif