Andy Field is one of the voice actors for Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. He is the voice of HandUnit, the non-living voice guide in throughout the game.

One of his most popular quotes from Sister Location:
Exotic Butters

About Andy Field

Authentic, believable, and conversational, Andy's deep, clean voice works well for commercials, corporate presentations and documentaries. He can rapidly shift from an authoritative announcement to a gravelly or husky movie trailer. His ability to create unique character voices serves well for cartoons, video games and commercials. Although his natural accent is Southern (and he's a master of the nuances of each region in the American South), Andy can erase it completely, or replace it with a French or Cajun accent. 

Voice Actor Job Description

"In this video game, a character will be following instructions presented to him by a handheld keypad and display. The character should be monotonous and instructive, similar to computer voices in today's technology, but still pleasant to listen to. This will be the only friendly voice the player will hear throughout the game, and will also present some comic relief."


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